5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours - Las Vegas

About 5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours - Las Vegas

5 Star Las Vegas Helicopter tours offer daily helicopter tours over the world famous Las Vegas strip.Founded in 2012 5 star Las Vegas Helicopters location offers its guests the longest flight times available on a large range of LasVegas Helicopter tours, charters and weddings.

All tours include as a standard hotel to hotel transfers or guest may choose to self-drive using a local Taxi or rideshare with UBER or LYFT for a lower price.

Las Vegas Tours

  • Las Vegas Helicopter Tour with Transportation.
  • Las Vegas Helicopter Tour self-drive.
  • Las Vegas Helicopter Tour with casual dining at Pampas Grill or Gorden Birsch.
  • Las Vegas Helicopter Tour with fine dining at Eiffel Tower Restaurant.
  • Las Vegas Helicopter Tour with Jabbawockeez.
  • Las Vegas Helicopter Tour with Nightclub experience.

Las Vegas Weddings

  • Las Vegas helicopter wedding packages are also available with a broad range of price options with book now and pay later flexibility.All wedding options include a free wedding coordinator who will guide you through the whole process tomake sure your wedding day is wonderfully amazing.

Las Vegas Helicopter Charters

  • If you are looking for daytime or nighttime private helicopter charters for film, photography or private usage 5 Star Las Vegas Helicopter Tours has an expert team ready and able to assist you make your project come in on budget with access to an experienced team of helicopter experts.

5 Star Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours - Las Vegas Reviews

We used 5 Star Las Vegas Helicopter tours for our wedding in April.They were incredible to work with!Very responsive and helpful. We had a wonderful time.They took care of everything - photographer, flowers, cake, champagne.All we had to do was show up and smile.My husband and I enjoyed our experience so much.We definitely would use them for another tour in the future.
Just Amazing!! From start to finish, everyone is friendly and organized. Purchased through Groupon.Could not have been easier to set up. Driver was friendly and on time. Short drive (30 min) to Boulder City. Registration was quick. Holly was friendly, knowledgeable and makes flying look easy!She made sure everyone had a great view. She took photos from our phones when we landed. When we got back our driver was waiting. Simply the best views!Must do!!
This morning my girlfriend and I went on the Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour, it was definitely worth every penny. Travis was our pilot and he was funny, informative and very friendly. I definitely recommend this tour!
I'll cut to the chase, the pilot Jimmy Long made this tour for me. Not only.was he funny more importantly he's a safe and great pilot. The reason I have 3 stars is the long drive to the site due to all the stops at hotels to pick up people. Also the long wait at the facility before the flight. Not much to do there. Sure they give you 1 champagne and water but not much else to do then after. The flight itself to me was to short. Should have been 20 min rather than 13 min. I would have enjoyed Jimmy's humor and flight skills for longer period of time. The bus was clean and the driver was great, so was the counter staff. On the way back to drop us off it was incredibly hot and the AC on the bus was not working, wait times and flight time were too short.Total time for a 13 min flight from pick up to drop off was 3 hours. Saying all this I can still recommend this company.
Absolutely amazing!!!! My BF gifted this to me for my 30 b-day and I have to say it made the trip for us! The pilot was so friendly and made the trip 5 STARS. The view was breathtaking and gives you a whole new perspective on VEGAS! Something I will remember for a lifetime. The pilot and views of Vegas made it 5 STARS!Now, why did I give it 4 stars...Its wonderful they pick you up from your hotel BUT they don't tell you about the 3 other stops they need to make! It took us over 1 hour and 15 min to finally get to the destination. Not only all the stops but the location of the facility is further away. The driver was so scary as a driver we almost got in 2 accidents and he slammed on the breaks so we didn't hit a car in front of us. Now once at the facility...We walk in and were told to go check in at the front desk, the staff was busy chit chatting that they apparently didn't see a group of 12 of us standing right in front of them. After 5 min of just waiting for someone to make eye contact and greet us they ask us to sit while they call up groups! Terrible service at this point. Once checked in they offer champagne which is a nice touch. They give you a few minute safety instructions and your on your way! Now the drive back to hotel/restaurants...The shuttle then takes you back, they drove down the road for about 10 min before the driver noticed she left a person at the facility. SOOO back we went, no problem for us but the poor lady! After 1 hour again we finally got back to our hotel. They make stops for people who paid for the restaurant portion after (2 total stops) then they take the rest to their hotels (2 more stops) now back to out hotel MGM. Honestly this was the worst part took a total of 3 hours for a 13 min helicopter ride! If you choose this place I would say forget the shuttle what a waste of time!!! Buy a Lyft or Uber or cab, trust me you'll be thankful. (If they allow you to do that). Thanks to the pilot and views of Vegas that made this trip amazing! I would post pictures but I don't want to spoil it, you have to see it with your own eyes. Pictures don't do a justice.