Expand Your Bucket List With These Amazing Glass Skywalks

Zhangjiajie Glass Suspension Bridge

The Chinese certainly love their Glass Walkways with the stunning Zhangjiajie Glass Suspension Bridge crossing the beautiful Zhangjiajie National Forest Park at 1400 feet long and over 1000 feet high it is one of the worlds longest glass bridges a must on any respectable bucket list. They even test it with sledge hammers and to show how strong the glass is they drove a car over it, better them than me!

Testing the Bridge

Glacier Skywalk Canadian in the Rockies

Canada not to be outdone created the Glacier Skywalk that has to be showcasing one of the most scenic overlooks in the world The Canadian Rockies

What a View

Tianmen Mountain Glass Walkway

You might want to but this beauty at the end of your buck list as it is arguably the worlds most crazy cliffside glass walkway located at Tianmen Mountain China. This stunning example of Chinese prowess with glass structures is over 4600 feet high and tracking the edge of the coiled dragon cliff face, you might feel like this one could be the end of your buck list.

Dare to Walk on the Edge

Grand Canyon Skywalk at Eagle Point

The United States also wants your buck list visit offering one of the older but certainly one of the most picturesque skywalks in the world Grand Canyon West Skywalk. Opened by Unites States astronaut Buzz Aldrin In 2007 the 10 foot wide skywalk extends out over 70 feet above the beautiful Grand Canyon over 4000 feet below.

Experience the Thrill

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