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About Exotics Racing - Las Vegas

Exotics Racing is the World's Largest Supercar Driving Experience located 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. We offer 50 exotic cars and 23 racecars, amazing instructors that will teach you all the tricks and lots of fun.

Exotics Racing provides Driving packages, group & corporate events, High-speed ride-along and gift certificates. We own all your dream cars like Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Nissan GT-R and lots more.

Join Exotics Racing for the greatest adventure of your life!

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Exotics Racing - Las Vegas Reviews

Pretty amazing experience for my whole family.They were very detailed from the beginning to the end.They took their time going over the track and the car before you begin. Mark my instructor was awesome, he was helpful with plenty of verbal instructions without ruining the experience or intervening while driving,he manage to give me a safe but thrilling experience pushing me to my limits as I got comfortable with the car.My son had a blast on the drift car also and talked about the whole day. It was a priceless experience that we will do it again when we are in Vegas.
Had so much fun! Great cars, great course. I would like a longer straight away but it was exhilarating nonetheless!! The co-drivers were very helpful and brave 😁
They are the best in town! We the best time of our lives!! Great service! Great you with a warm welcome!!! You’ll never want to leave, and if you do leave, you’ll leave with satisfaction!! No disappointment!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! They are like family!!!
It's just awesome. Great facilities and the instructors want you to push it. I loved it. Teo is the MAN!
Went to Vegas specifically to drive their McLaren 570s for a birthday. A very inviting staff and atmosphere made it a great experience! The class was very informative and the instructor I drove with was safety oriented yet constantly pushing me to take the car faster. I brought alot of my family with to take pictures and such as they allow costumers to sit in any car not in use and get snapshots. I recommend you book earlier in the morning when it may be less busy as I booked at 10:30 and it was mildly busy. All in all an amazing experience and I will definitely be returning soon! (Edit) My instructors name was Buddy and he was a great one to say the least!