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Gray Line is the largest provider of sightseeing tours on the planet. For more than 100 years, Gray Line has been at the center of creating and operating the best traveler experiences in the world’s most sought after sightseeing destinations. With thousands of tours and experiences in more than 700 locations, spanning six continents, Gray Line is also the largest direct supplier of destination services to online travel sellers, wholesalers and travel agents. Founded in 1910, Gray Line has grown into the most well-known consumer brand in sightseeing tours. Its global network of elite providers operates day tours, airport transfers, hop-on hop-off tours, multi-day packages, walking tours and other specialized destination services.

Gray Line - Las Vegas Reviews

My Vegas Vacation was phenomenal because of the wonderful Experience we got from our tour bus driver by the name of MIKE. He has the best CostumerService of all. This guy is the reason why your company stands out.Very particular with safety for passengers and will not leave any stones unturned when it comes to it. He is very funny and kept us all laughing and giggling during our ride to Hoover Dam. I am already recommending your service to all my friends here in Canada. I wish that you keep up your Very Excellent Service to everyone. And for Mike, a Standing Ovation!!! Thank you and i will definitely be doing a Tour Guide with you again.
Our guide, Rick was the worst. Came across as a nice, friendly guy but turned out to be anything but. First, he says that whatever we were told about our Grand Canyon South rim tour from Las Vegas was a lie, giving us the feeling that he was going to do things his way. He skipped the first stop altogether, the bridge overlooking the Hoover dam because he said it would set us back time-wise. Imagine that, the very first stop, and after I had told two people with us we were going to see the dam (they had never seen it before). When we got to the canyon area, there were two people that signed up for a helicopter tour. He personally escorted them off the bus to the office but as the bus was leaving the lot, they came running out. Apparently it was the wrong tour. Rick got very angry and swore, also saying they were stupid people. He continued to embarrass them when they reboarded the bus. How were they to know? That's why we wore colored wrist bands. If they've never been to the canyon, how would they know that was the wrong location? The tour includes a stop at Mather point but he kept saying that people don't always get back to the bus on time and that he really should leave them behind and figure out how to get back to Vegas. He then asked the people on board if they would like to just go to the Bright Angel lodge or both. The majority of the people said both. But instead we were just taken to the lodge. He kept on emphasizing how important it was to be waiting outside when it was time to leave, saying you don't want to be left behind. But he was 20 minutes late at pick up time. No apologies, just said he and his driver had paperwork to do. As we were approaching Vegas, he asked us for our hotels. When our bus arrived at the rendezvous point for the buses to the different hotels, he did not mention our hotel which led us to believe that we were to stay on our original bus. When he double checked with us on our hotel, he said we should be on a different bus. After we left our bus to board this second bus and giving him a generous tip, we were told by the second bus that there was no room. When we went back to our original bus we were denied access by Rick and told to board a third bus. This we did but we were the last ones off and returned to our hotel past 11pm. I am always going to remember Rick for the bad service. If we ever catch another tour with this guy, can you guess what kind of tip he'll get?
I researched many tour companies months before our trip. We were only interested in the power plant tour. So we booked ahead, paid in advance for the day trip from Las Vegas that included the power plant. When we arrived at Gray Line we were informed that "the plant is closed because of a broken elevator".When we got to the Dam, there was a line of people getting on an elevator and taking THEIR tour of the plant, so we asked the ticket taker and the security guard. The power plant was NOT closed, it HADN'T BEEN closed, the elevator WASN'T broken, and Gray Line is NOTORIOUS for lying to their customers. When I asked why, he reminded us that the tour included only gas for the bus round trip from Vegas and the bus driver's wage. There was no guide, no education, no value added, but they charged us $58 to include the cost of the "plant tour" that didn't happen. CROOKS!!! The bus driver wouldn't respond with anything other than "I was told it was a broken elevator" and they didn't take us back to Gray Line after the tour to speak to anyone else. They dropped us straight to our hotel so they wouldn't have to deal with our feedback. Traveled February 2019
Very unprofessional and terrible service . DO NOT USE grey line Las Vegas ! Booked a helicopter tour 3 days in advance andjust called (luckily!) to reconfirm pick up an hour in advance of when we were to leave and was told to was cancelled ! Blame shifting between grey line and airline company and no one had a clue of what was going on and if I hadn’t called to check , no one would have bothered to inform and would have just been stood up at the pick up point .Despitethe weather being sunny and clear and all other tours flying and offering options , they claimed this tour was cancelled .Absolutely ridiculous ! Also the call centre staff keeps you on hold endlessly without warning and is seriously under equipped to deal with questions !Am sorry I ever attempted to use them
Used Gray Line to tour the Grand Canyon. Used bus #5632. It was a very long ride from Las Vegas to get there. We rode 8hrs in the bus smelling like a porta potty. The bus tour guide should of been considerate and emptied at a dump station instead of making us smell that filth for the whole trip. Never again!!