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Kayak Kauai is a kayak company founded by Micco and Chino Godinez in 1980. In all these years we have learned how to make your visit to Kauai be unforgettable. Our guides will keep you safe and they will show you every secret of the island while kayaking.

Kayak Kauai tour offers you the chance to paddle where the North and South Fork of the Wailua River join, swim by the sacred waterfalls, Swim in the pools or stream leading from the falls and enjoy our special and rare types of flowers.

Our tours are Paddle and Hike in the Wailua Sacred Falls Tour, Wailua River Paddle, Wailua River Kayak Rentals, Na Pali Coast | Polihale to Miloli’i & Back – by Sea Kayak, Hanalei | Blue Lagoon Paddle & Snorkel, Na Pali Coast | Sea Kayak Camping and many more.

If you desire an amazing adventure that you can share with all your family then choose Kayak Kauai.

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Kayak Kauai - Kauai Reviews

Highly recommend the waterfall tour to anybody looking for a nice excursion down the river with an easy hike. Our guide was Dustin and he was really funny, knowledgeable about the island, and made the tour really fun. He even ended the tour by cutting some fresh pineapple for everyone, opening up some coconuts from his backyard for every group to drink, and sent everybody photos that he had been taking on his phone the whole time. If you do take the waterfall tour, be advised it can get really muddy so wear some shoes you don't mind getting dirty and be prepared to cross a couple of rivers about shin height so your shoes will get wet.
We did a guided kayak + hike tour with Kayak Kauai. We booked the trip 3 days in advance (trip was in February) for an early morning time since we heard the wind could make the kayaking later in the day more challenging. Our guide, Tyler, was very knowledgeable and kind. We were able to kayak at our own pace and engage/disengage from the group conversation at our leisure. The hike wasn't difficult in terms of elevation, but we did have to hike through some pretty deep mud and walk across a river that had a swift current. I wouldn't have taken young kids on that hike. Athletic sandals that fit securely seem to be the best shoe for the hike. We were given walking sticks and water-proof bags.Several people slipped in the mud, so be prepared to get muddy! The waterfall from the hike is pictured.
We had a great time on our kayak/hike to Secret falls. Gorgeous views. Knowledgeable tour guide.
Rented camping gear from here. Tent and sleeping bag were great. The sleeping pad smelled a little bit like dirty gym sock. Prices were very reasonable and I had such a great time camping.Employees were super nice and helpful.
Great place to find last minute camp supply. We needed an MSR gas bottle for our stove and happened to find one in their discount bin. Saved our trip!