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Here at Lucky Bean Tours we pride ourselves with having passionate and personable guides who make you feel like you're "walking with a friend" as you explore the city together. In fact, this company was started by New Orleans tour guides who are enthusiastic about their city and eager to share their experiences with visitors! To help the adventure feel more personal, we take a maximum of 12 guests per tour, so the guide can interact with everyone in your party and give you a unique trip. Each of our Lucky Bean guides is a walking encyclopedia of New Orleans culture and history.

Our walking tours range from an hour and a half to two hours, starting with our most popular tour through French Quarter - the heart of New Orleans! Established by the French in 1718, the original city of New Orleans is still is a lively and vibrant neighborhood, retaining its European and Caribbean look and feel. Here, you'll see a lot of Creole Cottages, recognizable by their steeply-pitched roofs and wood or stucco exteriors. Much of the original Spanish or French architecture was refurbished in the Victorian style after the Louisiana Purchase, resulting in an architecturally diverse neighborhood. 

The Garden District Tour includes a visit to the Lafayette Cemetery #1, one of the more interesting "cities of the dead". Due to the city being built on a swamp, the deceased have to be buried above ground, usually in ornate stone crypts and mausoleums, which gives cemeteries the appearance of a small city. The Garden District itself is an oasis of foliage and beautiful homes, built up by wealthy new-comer Americans.

We also offers tours of the St Louis Cemetery #1, where our experts will tell you thrilling stories about the characters buried within. Or you can learn about the amazing women built and protected the spice added to New Orleans on the New Orleans Women's History Tour! The New Orleans Crime History Tour is only offered to guests 21+ years old as you are guided through the red-light district and told about murder, the mafia, sex, assassinations, and all that jazz! 

Finally, customize your guided tour through New Orleans with our private tour offers, so you can decide where you want to go. 

All our guides are excited to impart their vast knowledge of their beloved city, so come on down to Lucky Bean Tours and book and trip with us.

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