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About Neon Museum - Las Vegas

Have you ever wondered what happens to a casino's signs after it's demolished? Often times, it goes to the Neon Museum, where it's restored or maintained and displayed in one of the outdoor galleries, covering 2.25 acres. The Neon Museum is a non profit organization that collects, preserves, and exhibits Las Vegas signs for historic and cultural education and enrichment. Choose from our daytime and nighttime tours, or book our galleries for a special event. Just wandering around, you will probably spot a happy couple having their wedding photos taken in front of Sin City's iconic signs!

The visitor's center is the restored lobby of La Concha Motel, shaped like a giant shell, and the entrance sign is a giant mosaic... the art never stops!

The museum itself features an outdoor Neon Boneyard that contains signs dating back to the 1930s! These signs are actually displayed and arranged by era to show the development of neon technology and the change in trends!

The entire museum contains around 200 signs, 11 of which are restored and flicker and glow at night for you to bask in the soft neon light while enjoying a night tour of the campus.

Neon Museum - Las Vegas Reviews

What a hidden gem! More people need to know about this place, its definitely something cool to see. I would love to see this at night (if they're still open?) with the lights on! This is cool just checking it out yourself but I think a tour would be the best option to really get more background. This is a great place to check out if you want to avoid the drinking/gambling scene whether for kids or adults.
5 stars.We did the guided tour and Brilliance.Both were outstanding!Our guide - Andy - is a neon nerd and brought Las Vegas of the past into focus.The music accompanying Brilliance was terrific, also bringing historic Las Vegas to life.Great experience.
A hidden gem! Definitely worth the stop. A lot of signs from various periods in Las Vegas history. We did the self guided tour at 9am on a Monday. It was empty and there were guides throughout to answer any question and provide cool info. We were even provided info on a neon museum back home in Los Angeles!
Very cool place.Ya have to go see the "Brilliant" presentation - very well worth it.I think it's one of the hidden gems north & off the strip, that doesn't get the credit it's due!The staff was really nice, and were very organized.It may not be that hard, with it not being that popular... but, it's worth a visit, with how they bring all the old signs "back to life"!
This place has so much history! It was AMAZING to see all of the vintage signs and their actual size! The staff is extremely friendly and stationed throughout the museum and ready to share some history on the signs as you walk through! We thoroughly enjoyed this place! You will need to make a reservation online and purchase your tickets as we did to do a self guided tour.