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Have you ever wondered what happens to a casino's signs after it's demolished? Often times, it goes to the Neon Museum, where it's restored or maintained and displayed in one of the outdoor galleries, covering 2.25 acres. The Neon Museum is a non profit organization that collects, preserves, and exhibits Las Vegas signs for historic and cultural education and enrichment. Choose from our daytime and nighttime tours, or book our galleries for a special event. Just wandering around, you will probably spot a happy couple having their wedding photos taken in front of Sin City's iconic signs!

The visitor's center is the restored lobby of La Concha Motel, shaped like a giant shell, and the entrance sign is a giant mosaic... the art never stops!

The museum itself features an outdoor Neon Boneyard that contains signs dating back to the 1930s! These signs are actually displayed and arranged by era to show the development of neon technology and the change in trends!

The entire museum contains around 200 signs, 11 of which are restored and flicker and glow at night for you to bask in the soft neon light while enjoying a night tour of the campus.

Neon Museum - Las Vegas Reviews

Cool museum. Small outdoor space, packed with fun signs. Some have been restored and are lit up. The visitor center and gift shop after inside a relocated morel lobby with a unique shell design. Price is a bit steep for the size. They don't allow cameras other than cell phones. The colors during the day are better in my opinion than going at night. They offer you an umbrella because it can get warm out there with no shade in the yard. There yes a covered stirring area with a few tables just off the back door. Enjoyable walk through on your own, even without the history component. About 30 minutes if you are on your own. Many opportunities for great pictures.
the experience was absolutely amazing. Opportunity to meet Tom and spent quite some time with him exploring the history of each time. he was very detail-oriented and it was such a pleasure to take a stroll down memory lane. I remember when I was younger seeing most of those hotels that is no longer here. You can spend as long as you want. They have a snack bar and seating area. They have fans on the outside and umbrellas for your comfort. It was worth every penny.
It was pretty cool seeing all of the old Vegas signs. It was very hot but they offer umbrellas to use while touring. There are several staff members around to give you history on the signs and answer any questions you have. They do need a bigger location though. The signs are stacked one in front of the other and could be displayed better on a bigger lot. Its something to say that you have seen but I don't know that it is something I would visit more than once.
Not worth the price of admission.Signs are stacked behind each other and not well displayed. They need more space to properly erect the signs.I rarely write reviews, but thought the high rating by others needed to be balanced with another perspective.
Very cool place.Ya have to go see the "Brilliant" presentation - very well worth it.I think it's one of the hidden gems north & off the strip, that doesn't get the credit it's due!The staff was really nice, and were very organized.It may not be that hard, with it not being that popular... but, it's worth a visit, with how they bring all the old signs "back to life"!