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Starline Tours offers a diverse range of sightseeing tours within the city of Los Angeles. For those intrigued by the celebrity life, our Celebrity Tours and Stars' Homes Tour can take you to see dozens of homes owned by current and past celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Elvis Presley, Gwen Stefani, and numerous others. We also are the biggest Hop-on Hop-off service on the planet allowing transportation to California's premier attractions like Disneyland, Universal Studios, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Sea World, Knott's Berry Farm, and so many more. For even more convenience, we can arrange to pick-up or drop-off at over 250 hotels in the Los Angeles area. Our city, studio, and movie tours allow you to visit Los Angeles' most popular beaches, studios, and movie sets. Whether it's visiting the Hollywood sign or visiting the shopping capital of the world, Rodeo Drive, Starline Tours can help you cross off every site you've ever wanted to go to.

Starline Tours - Los Angeles Reviews

I’ve done the Celebrity Homes tour twice in the last 5 years. The first time, the tour guide was great. He was nice and funny and took us so close and personal to everything.This time, although the tour guide was great also, she (or maybe the driver) didn’t take us as close to the homes as I remembered. We also didn’t drive around Beverly Hills as deep as we did last time. They also cut out the Hollywood Sign part of the tour, which was disappointing.A huge thing is the cold. Let me tell you, you will freeze on this tour. I understand that with an open roof, it’s up to the weather if you will stay warm. But I think they should at least heat your feet while in the van, or offer blankets before you go. That is the one reason I wouldn’t go back again. But if I knew it was a beautiful 80+ day, I would do it all over again!
I was insecure about if this bus tour it worth it and I just decided to buy the tickets on its website and I have to say that it was a perfect and beautiful experience, these buses take you all around Los Angeles area, from LAX to Hollywood, Downtown LA, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and other important and famous places of LA, they are punctual, and all the drivers are so kind and friendly. It was an amazing experience and I would do it again. I highly recommend Starline Buses.
We did the hop on hop off tour for 72 hours. It was great as expected. Don’t expect a really sophisticated tour though. We used the hop on hop off to travel around LA since we didn’t have a car. The service was great with frequent buses. Staff is great and friendly. Buses are very old though. Overall, we were satisfied.
Unusually cold and rainy day in Los Angeles.We departed stop one on the Red Route about 4:40 pm.With a two hour round trip and not planning to leave the bus we should have returned about sunset.I understand the weather is not controllable, but Hop on Hop off can control advertising on the side of their busses.The reason for my one star rating.We paid $50x2=$100 for the tour.We had to sit on the lower level of the bus because of rain and cold. We could NOT see the sights because Hop on Hop off had installed Disneyland advertising on both the sides of the bus!The situation could be equated to buying a ticket to an NFL game or theater performance and having to sit behind a screen to watch the performance 😳. You can’t even get a photo!Dear Hop on Hop Off.How can you justify obstructing the view of the very customers who pay ride your buses?Absolutely crazy! Also interesting that Disneyland found this an acceptable location given that Hop on Hop Off customers would have their tour disrupted.
We rode the Starline Hop-on Hop-off bus tour red route on a Saturday afternoon.  Do not recommend.Positives:Allow Starline to drive you through Los Angeles so you can take photos and not worry about traffic.  Buses come every 30 minutes on the red route so you're not stranded anywhere.Red route sees much of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. We enjoyed stopping at The Original Farmers Market for a quick bite to eat.Negatives:Tickets appear to be not necessary as neither driver read nor scanned them. Neither bus driver spoke on the microphone. The only commentary available was pre-recorded. This audio track is triggered by GPS so takes long pauses when the bus is not moving.  Kind of boring.Both buses we used had advertising over the windows. Because it was raining, we had to sit inside and could hardly see outside. Eventually we just went upstairs and sat on wet seats so we could actually enjoy the tour we paid for.The first bus we rode had inoperable windshield wipers. The driver exited the bus at two stops to try and fix them, to no avail. Starline, I believe this is bus #433. It's dangerous in my opinion to transport tourists and visitors on equipment that doesn't meet safety standards.In closing, we've ridden Hop-on Hop-off tours in Frankfurt and London and had no issues. Los Angeles, however, is a different situation.