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Statue Cruises is the only authorized ticket and tour provider to the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island in New York City. The only way to visit the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island is by boat and Statue Cruises can help you do just that! Statue Cruises has many statue ticket packages that vary in specific access to the Monument and Ellis Island National Museum. Come join us to experience the United State's most iconic monument! 

Statue Cruises - New York Reviews

The best tour is the 9:00am tour. Not crowded on the way out to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island. Do not recommend getting a group guide due to the fact you just stand around listening to them. I recommend going around at your own pace as you can do the whole trip much quicker and it’s more enjoyable. We paid for the pedestal access which was worth the extra money. Going up any further is not worth the extra $$$$$. Best place to get a view is the top tier unless it’s super chilly.
3 stars because Liberty Island and Ellis Island are beautiful! The experience is incredible and worth the time/money.However, if I were rating based on customer service and employees, I wouldn't even give a star. The security and staff who were guiding us onto the boats were possibly the most rude individuals I have ever seen. The security snapped at me for not walking through the security line fast enough and the staff basically pushed you on and off of the boat.I have never experienced any such actions from staff who were supposed to be accommodating their customers and to this day I am disgusted with the way they treated the customers.Note, this was in 2017, perhaps they have better staff now?
I'd give them NO STARS if I could! Absolutely POOR service! I waited on hold on the phone for nearly 2 hours and still never spoke to an "agent". Then, I had 5 tickets for "Reserve and pedestal" in my cart and they sold them out from under me without so much as a courtesy pop up to advise me I needed to buy them right away or loose them. No, there is no counter indicating you have to pay within 3 mins or 5 mins or whatever or risk loosing the tickets. (I called during business hours and my call was forwarded to hold for the next available agent. If you call after hours they don't put you in the holding pattern for the next available agent!)
Took the Staten island ferry to view the statue of liberty - twice in a day. Loved it sooo much. Amazing views and experience. Tip: go out on the top deck or towards the end of the boat for a beautiful view of the city and the statue. Best part - no charges at all.
The Customer Service was not helpful at ALL. We didn't get to experience the Statue Liberty at all due to being detered by people that act like authorized Statue Cruises officials. They asked to see our tickets and informed us that our wait was going to be 4 hours long and to shorten that wait it would be an extra $35.00 per person and it was 4 of us. But before we even Traveled to New York, I called Statue Cruises to see what the best plan of action would be, whether to use our attraction pass or purchase advance tickets. I was told to purchase advance tickets to ensure our time. If we were to use our pass, we would have a long wait, therefore purchasing tickets in advance would be the best. Please be aware especially as we were first timers to New York. And Customer service does not care at all!!And as a travel agent, I pride myself on being organized, so therefore being told that even after buying advance tickets that you still have to endure that type of wait and then be hassled by false officials, outside of your facility and we couldn't receive a refund, and we were still in the 24 hour period. Disappointed!!