Stripper 101 - Las Vegas


About Stripper 101 - Las Vegas

Stripper 101 offers you the most famous classes in Las Vegas featuring pole dance, lap dance and lots more. Joining us you will have lots of fun and is the perfect place where you can start your special event like birthday party of bachelorettes.

We provide the sexiest pole dance , the greatest teachers in the world and an exciting adventure.

Stripper 101 teachers will help you learn a personal exotic routine made especially for you.

You will learn to have extra confidence and all the "do's and don'ts" of the strip-tease.

For more pieces of information please watch the video below or check out our website.

Stripper 101 - Las Vegas Reviews

The Miracle Mile Shops are part of the Planet Hollywood Casino. There are many stores, restaurants and shows here, many have very affordable prices. They also offer free parking at this location. It is a good break to come inside and look around to get out of the heat for awhile, a very enjoyable place to spend some time while visiting Las Vegas.
I have never seen a mall quite like this. The ceiling's day time sky theme is breathtaking. It's so clean inside and interactive environment such as the simulated rain storms are phenomenal. My wife and I caught 'The Mentalist' show at the V Theatre which was fun and exciting. I honestly didn't want to leave this place. You'll never regret visiting this mall.
A large mall with multiple stores, restaurants, shows and gadgets shops. Lots to do here but many high end retail stores with high prices. Even many of the restaurant prices, within the mall, have high prices. Very clean and entrances both on strip and behind the mall near Elara hotel. Nice place to window shop but above my spending power. There are shows within the mall that are entertaining to see and reasonable. Enjoy.
This location is in Las Vegas apart of the Planet Hollywood Hotel Casino.. The prices are affordable for any Budget.. Customers can purchase items with Cash or Credit Cards at all the store's.. The restrooms are clean and tidy. There's many different departments stores Some stores have good deals..
Lovely mall that was good to get away from all the gambling and hustle and bustle (and heat!) of the Las Vegas strip. We spent a lot of time here walking through the mall and visiting the nice shops. Theres some attractions that occur on a schedule, like a fountain display and rainfall from the ceiling (including the soothing noise of a storm).