Stripper 101 - Las Vegas


About Stripper 101 - Las Vegas

Stripper 101 offers you the most famous classes in Las Vegas featuring pole dance, lap dance and lots more. Joining us you will have lots of fun and is the perfect place where you can start your special event like birthday party of bachelorettes.

We provide the sexiest pole dance , the greatest teachers in the world and an exciting adventure.

Stripper 101 teachers will help you learn a personal exotic routine made especially for you.

You will learn to have extra confidence and all the "do's and don'ts" of the strip-tease.

For more pieces of information please watch the video below or check out our website.

Stripper 101 - Las Vegas Reviews

Are you in a modern shopping center or in the left-overs of Baghdad? The transformation of the surrounding casino from Aladdin to Planet Hollywood happened long ago already, but the mall has taken so long to transform, that one might wonder how long more before it's completely finished.Other than this detail, it has a great choice of stores, it's clean and there are quite a few restaurant options.
Shopping center is a very nice. it's pretty packed during regular business hours between the morning and mid afternoon. But later on in the evening it's pretty wide open and not too many people there. They're quite a few really good stores in the complex. Several decent snack shops as well.
Art, Jewelry, Body Care, FOOD & DRINK! There's enough going on here to keep you interested for most of a day!This was my first visit... I'll say I was impressed!added edit: Mind you... This is indoors!
This mall was fascinating primarily because there was The Body Shop there with the Japanese Exfoliating Washcloth. I've only been able to order them online since many of the retail locations have been closed. The prices were also amazing.
This is a beautifully designed series of shops: high-end, mid-end, low-end. There are prices, products and services for all budgets. The escalators and overhead bridges provide a nice platform for transportation from one side of the street to the next, and a great number of aisles (along which there are shops) connect to different spots along the Vegas main strip; they also connect to some major casinos and club spots. Wear comfortable shoes. It's a long walk.